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About Laur Skin Solutions™

USA's Online Luxury Skincare Brand

Restorative Skin Care Products for Face and Body

Our purpose for developing Laur Skin Solutions™ is motivated by love, and what is stronger than love? Nothing! It is our goal that Laur Skin Solutions™ help all to achieve healthy, youthful, blemish free skin, restoring one’s confidence and love for their own skin regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Above all else we are most concerned about producing products that are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, EU allergen-free. We firmly stand by the motto ‘safety first’. Since we are motivated by ‘love’ we ‘NEVER’ compromise our standards to continue providing you with quality products.

About USA's Online Luxury Skin Care Brand - Laur Skin Solutions™

All our formulas have hydrating properties

At Laur Skin Solutions™ we believe that moisture is intrinsic to transporting healing, restorative, and nutritious properties to the skin. Hydrating skin is key to improving elasticity, plumping dehydrated skin, balancing oiliness, increasing skin’s defense, and supporting detox functions. As such all our formulations have hydrating components that further assist in improving one’s skin health.

We are pleased to have produced a brand in luxury skincare products that aid in reducing the appearance of dark spots, correcting the signs of aging, evening out skin tone, brightening pigmented marks, while protecting healthy skin, and preventing future damage. Our products accomplish this task because of the precisely engineered hydrators that combine powerful ingredients.

USA's Effective Anti-Aging Products Formulations at Laur Skin Solutions™ - Best Luxury Skincare Brand


We have researched and tested problem-solving products that address the skincare needs of diverse, multi-hued skin of color from hyperpigmentation, excess oil production, hydration to anti-aging. Our products have no ethnic or gender barriers.

Strategically designed with the highest standards of advanced technology combined with nature and science in every drop resulting in exquisite formulations. Our daily regimes are formulated to improve and preserve one’s skin health.

Laur Skin Solutions™ Approach to Achieving Smooth Flawless Skin - Most Popular Skin Care Brand

Our Approach

To effectively aid and achieve one’s skin goal we have a 4 method foolproof system that is always successful. PREPARE + HYDRATE + REPAIR + BRIGHTEN

 1 – PREPARE: Skin preparation is important to reduce the number of microorganisms on the skin’s surface. This results in the removal of dirt, oils, and impurities, to readily allow for absorption of active ingredients into skin. You cannot drink clean water in a dirty glass, it will be contaminated. Similarly, skincare products should ONLY be applied to clean skin.

2 – HYDRATE: Skin hydration is imperative to rejuvenating your skin. The outermost layer needs moisture to flush away toxins and carry nutrients to the skin’s cells. Hence, our products hydrate the skin and are packed with nourishing properties that enhance and promotes skin health.

Shipping our products across the USA, Trinidad and Tobago Country & all across the Caribbean Region.

Luxury Skincare Products: Face Brightening Kit | Body Brightening Kit

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